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Welcome to our catalog! Unless noted otherwise, we keep every item listed here in stock for your convenience. To place an order or ask a question, please contact us!


Made in small batches, Sno Biz flavors (click for the list of all 50) are known for their FRESHNESS. Used to flavor shave ice, shakes, smoothies, slushes, coffees, fruit drinks, cotton candy, and more. Each packet makes one gallon of flavor.

Sold: 80/case, 10/carton, or individually

Packet dimensions: 4" x 6"

Packet weight: 3-4oz

 Creme Topping

An exciting enhancement for any Shave Ice treat, Sno Biz Crème topping is low fat with no cholesterol and gives greater consistency and storage flexibility over sweetened condensed milk. (12/case)

Specialty Products


Crank up ANY flavor with our SOUR additive! Make a tangy sour orange, a lip puckering sour apple, or a tongue tempting sour cherry. It’s easy… just mix your flavors as usual and add the special sour additive. (50/case)

No need for slush machines that are expensive, take up counter space, use up power and heat up your work space. You can now make frothy slush from your blender by adding Sno Biz Single Serve Slush Powder! A neutral base formulated specially for blenders, just add it to a blender with ice, any Sno Biz Flavor, and water, then blend for 20 seconds and you have a frothy slush that is consistently soft from start to finish.


Sno Biz Slush is a semi-frozen beverage using our Fan’tastic Sno Biz flavors! Available for slush machines (50/case) and in single-serve packets for blenders (5 resealable bags/case, 33 16oz servings/bag).


Sno Biz Smoothies are made from our enticing flavors and specially formulated drink base. Adding in real fruit makes a great tasting low fat treat!

Sno Blended Coffees

Sno Blended Coffees are made with real coffee and other quality ingredients. Three creamy flavors will tempt both coffee drinkers and non-drinkers: Coffee, Mocha and Vanilla flavors. (5 packets/case, 18 servings/packet)

Drink Base

Sno Biz Drink Base makes up our tasty smoothies and Sno-Blended coffees. (10 packets/case)

Sugar Free

Sugar-free shave ice is easy to make by simply using a Sno Biz dry-mix flavor and mixing it with a pre-measured Sno Biz Sugar Free Pack. Each pack makes one gallon of sugar-free flavor.


Swan SI-100 E

The SI-100E is the most popular ice shaver we sell for delicious shaved ice!

• Produces fine ribbons of snow that absorb the flavor and melts in your mouth

• Easy to operate and maintain.

• The texture of the ice is easily adjusted with a single knob.

• Ideal for high volume locations.

• Approved by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF).

• One year manufacturer’s warranty.

• Available with 115 volt, 220 volt and 12 volt motors.

Swan SI-100 DC

Combine the Quality, Speed and Reliability of the Swan SI-100E with DC power to operate anywhere!

• No more worries of power outages or unreliable voltage.

• Simply connect to a 12 Volt deep cycle marine type battery and you’re ready for business!

• This versatile block shaver can hold an 8 LB (3.6 KG) block of ice and shave up to 5 LB (2.3 KG) per minute.

• Comes complete with an internal air foot control

• Ideal for high volume locations and creating new selling opportunities.

Hatsuyuki HC-8E

(New!) Swan SI-150CBK

  • Produces 4-4.85 lbs of shaved ice per minute

  • Holds up to 7 lb ice blocks

  • NSF approved

  • Machine weight: 43 lbs

  • Shipping weight: 61 lbs

  • Belt driven system reduces noise

  • Large ice block holder crank for increased stability

  • Ease of use - increased space under shaving disk

  • Corrosion-resistant aluminum frame

  • 11.7" W x 12.6" D x 34.2" H

  • 115v 60Hz with 3-prong grounded plug

  • Includes drip tray and one spare blade

The HC-8E Hatsuyuki Cube Ice Shaver sets the standard for the shaved ice industry when it comes to cube shavers. It produces shaved ice that is fluffy, light, and flavorful. This machine is used in thousands of shaved ice stands worldwide. Features of the cube ice shaver include a blade adjustment knob and a built in lid safety switch which prevents the machine from operating with the lid open. Uses readily available bag ice that can be purchased almost anywhere.

Vita-mix Drink Blender (2-Speed)

(Available by special order)

  • UL/CUL NSF Approved

  • Stainless Steel Ball Bearing Blade Assembly

  • Polycarb. Container

  • Thermal. Shut-off

  • Metal-to-metal Drive

  • 48 & 64 oz. Containers

  • 3 Year Warranty

BUNN Ultra-2 (HP) Gourmet Slush/Frozen Cappuccino System

(Available by special order)

  • UL/CUL/NSF/CE Approved

  • 2 Large 3-Gallon Hoppers

  • Fully Electronic/Stainless

  • EasyClean Dispense Valves

  • Defrost Timer for Storage

  • Removable Handles

  • No-Lube Faucets/Seals

  • Full 5 Year Compressor, 3 Year Electronics Warranty




Air Foot Control

Our 115vt Air foot control frees up both hands for making the perfect shave ice. Easy to use and plug in. A must for a long line of hungry customers.

SI-100 Blade

If it’s hard to get a good shave on your SI-100, you probably need a new blade! Blades should be replaced every 3000 servings.

HC-8E Blade

If your cubed ice isn't shaving properly, we have replacement blades for your Hatsuyuki HC-8E!

Shaver Grease

This grease is used to lubricate the Swan SI-100. Each canister is good for two uses. Shaver should be lubricated once per year.

SnoFlo Shaver Attachment

This accessory attaches to your Swan SI-100 right below the blade to funnel ice right into the cup. Reduces wasted ice and increases output! Especially helpful when working outdoor events on windy days.

Ice Chipper

6 steel points will chip away uneven ice. Comes with a heavy-duty rubber handle. A very ‘sharp’ tool that helps with the block ice.

Ice Pick

Our ice pick is another option to help with the block ice when it sticks to your freezer or to another block.

Sno Biz Ice Lifter

  • Works with all Swan Ice Shavers

  • FDA Food-Safe Plastic

  • Specifically designed for ice & cold temperatures

  • No scratching or damaging your shaver base plate  (like ice picks or metal tools)

  • Avoid expensive replacement of the aluminum shaving plate

  • Use the ice chipper as intended—to chip ice, not your machine!

ice lifter.png

Quart Bottle Label Set

This label set will provide you with the perfect size label to adhere to the quart bottles to distinguish your flavor menu. Comes in a set of all Sno Biz flavors, popular flavor combinations plus 20 blank labels to handwrite for those unique flavor creations.

Quart Pour Bottles

Sno Biz Logo’d plastic bottles are used to showcase and pour flavor. Made of PET Plastic and are easy to get a bottle brush in to clean. Bottles come without the flavor label. Dozen/case.

Screened Pour Spout

It’s nice to have a screened pour spout option when you are outside pouring flavor. Say goodbye to those bees and insects that want a sip of flavor! Packed one dozen per bag. Available in blue only.

Pour Spouts

Molded of an extremely soft, flexible material to produce a continuous flow of flavor, these pour spouts will last with proper care. Available in blue only. Packed one dozen per bag.

Spout Cover

Cover the pour spout with an easy to cap spout cover which aids in keeping the flavors clean and away from any debris or insects. Your health inspector will love you. Packed one dozen per bag.

Quart Bottle Caps

Snug fit for the Quart pour bottles. Perfect for storage or transporting. Packed one dozen per bag. Available in white only.

Bottle Brush

This 17" flexible hygenic bottle brush is perfect for cleaning and sanitizing the inside of your quart pour bottles. The narrow stem is flexible enough to clean the inside curvature of the bottle.

Wire Bottle Rack

Fit 12 quart bottles perfectly in the durable wire bottle rack with coating. Easy to clean, no assembly required. 13.5l x 12d x 17h (with pour bottle and spout)

Wall-Mounted Bottle Rack

These high-quality bottle racks made of 21-gauge stainless steel allow quart bottles to be stored on the wall, freeing up counter or shelf space.


22" - Holds 6 bottles

32" - Holds 9 bottles

42" - Holds 12 bottles

Gallon Containers & Caps

Made from Durable PET Plastic, these gallon storage containers are how you make the perfect gallon of flavor. The small mouth helps with pouring into the quart bottle. The handle is useful for shaking while making syrups. Packaged dozen/case with caps included. Labels sold separately.

Gallon Bottle Label Set

These labels come in a set of all Sno Biz flavors, plus popular flavor combinations. Use to display your stored flavors in an organized fashion.

Blank Bottle Labels

Label your Gallon jugs with write-on labels for those unique flavor combinations.

Ice Form Bucket/Lid

Freeze the perfect block of ice with our Ice form bucket and lid (sold separately). Each sold separately or in Ready ship sets of 30 pails/lids.

Ice Form Bucket/Lid

Sno Biz Training DVD

This 10 minute DVD will show you how to mix flavors, temper ice, use the shaver, and pour flavor to make the perfect shave ice!

POS Materials

Point of Sale Materials


Sno Biz posters are available in 20 different designs. Click through the galleries to see what we have in stock.

Small: 8.25" x 11"

Large: 18" x 24"

Blank Menu Board

Menu Boards

Help your customer pick their favorite flavor with an eye-catching PRE-PRINTED Menu Board!

Each colorful menu board will display sizes, flavors, combinations and toppings. Prices are changeable with a set of included removable stickers. Printed on durable Styrene, a light weight hard plastic, your menu can be easily attached to any surface with double-sided foam tape. Best of all, it is moisture resistant and lasts up to 5 years. Available in Small (27"w x 36"h) and Large (36"w x 48"h) sizes and 12, 24 (shown), or 48 flavor configurations. Additional price sticker sets and a blank dry-erase menu board (27"w x 36"h) also available.

Price Sticker Set

Sno Biz Decals

Available in 18" x 24"

Available in
3" x 3", 6" x 6", or 12" x 12"

Feather Flags

These colorful 121″ x 30″ Feather Flags make it easy to find your location and will definitely draw in those Sno Biz customers! Sold separately, but designed to work together as a pair. Add a set of flags to each side of your building to capture the attention of passer-bys to stop and become customers! The poles are easy to set-up and come complete with ground stakes.

DIE-CUT available in two sizes: 18.5" x 23.25" and 25" x 26"

die cut decal_edited.jpg


72″ x 24″ full-color Sno Biz Banner with 4 grommets on top and bottom, along with a welded hem to easily secure to your cart, tent, or building.

Stickers/Temporary Tattoos

Sno Biz stickers are great to give out or put on cups for branding! Comes in roll of 500.

Temporary tattoos also available in packs of 100.

Buy One, Get One Free Coupons 

Available in packs of 100 or 500.

club card_edited.jpg
new club card.jpg

Bizzy Club Card/Logo Stamp

Used with the Bizzy Club Cards, these logo stamps are perfect to brand the frequent buyer’s club card with a unique impression. Buy 9 and get the 10th free!


(Available by special order)

Keep in the shade with this adorable Blue and Yellow Sno Biz Umbrella. 65″ in diameter and flexible to move with the sun to keep your customers or employees cool!  Total height 92″, under umbrella height 65″.

Graphics CDs

These CDs have high-resolution graphics that can be used for carts/trailers, posters/signs, social media, and more!

Name Badges

Greet your customers with a name! These colorful plastic Name Badges are pinned onto yours/your employees' uniform.  Sold individually.

Lawn Sign 

Click to Enlarge Image

Cups & Napkins

Logo Cups & Napkins

Sno Biz cups, spoons, lids and napkins build brand recognition. Potential customers see the Sno Biz logo on a cup in the hands of a satisfied customer, and they know to find Sno Biz for delicious shave ice treats.

It’s cost-effective advertising that reaches your market when they’re most likely to purchase. 

Insulated Styrofoam Cups

4oz. (1000/case, 50/sleeve)

8oz. (1000/Case, 25/sleeve)
12oz. (1000/Case, 25/sleeve)
16oz. (1000/Case, 25/sleeve)
20oz. (500/Case, 25/sleeve)


Drink Cups

16oz. (1000/Case, 50/sleeve)
20oz. (600/Case, 50/sleeve)



Dome Lid with Hole (1000/case, 100/sleeve)
(fits 12/16/20 oz cups – Insulated or Drink)

Flat Lid with Straw Slot (1000/case, 100/sleeve)
(fits 12/16/20 oz cups – Insulated or Drink)


An easy, inexpensive way to promote the brand. Folded they are 6.5″ x 5″.

6800/Case, 284/Bundle

Spoons & Spillsavers

Spoons & Spillsavers


Multicolor or White (1000/case)

Available in red, blue, green, yellow, purple, and orange.

8oz (300/sleeve)

12oz (200/sleeve)

Colored Spillsavers

Parents and kids love 'em. A fun and colorful way to prevent clothes and cars from getting sticky! 

clear spillsaver.webp
original shaved ice sundae.PNG

Clear Spillsavers

8oz (100/sleeve)

These are great for showing off the shaved ice sundaes!


Sno Biz Embroidered Logo Sportswear

Sno Biz Logo Hats 

Navy with White

Black with White

Black with Blue

Black with Orange

Black with Pink

Black with Yellow

Black with Green

T-Shirts - Available in sizes S-XXL

Sno Biz Logo Golf Shirt - Navy

Available in sizes S-XXL

Sno Biz Logo Apron - Navy


Tents, Carts, & Trailers

Tents, Carts, & Trailers

Sno Biz Pop Up Tent

Vibrant, full color, digitally printed Sno Biz tent for events. Includes a high strength 10ft x 10ft steel frame, a Sno Biz canopy top, a full length back wall, and two half sidewalls. Canopy, back wall, and side walls are made from thick and durable 600D material, CPAI-84 Flame Resistant Fabric, and PU coated 600D waterproof oxford material.

Small Event Sno Biz Cambro Cart

(Available by special order)


  • Easy to transport

  • Economical

  • Brightly colored for high visibility

Best Fit

  • Special events, beaches, water parks, etc.

  • Temporary or seasonal operations

  • Pedestrian or mobile crowds

Other Features

  • Serving and display windows

  • Roomy storage cabinets

  • Attractive interior and exterior lighting

  • Does not have a sink system.  Sink system sold separately.

Trailers are an easy way to bring Sno Biz to an event or to park in a permanent location for the season.  Built for selling Shave Ice, these trailers are constructed from the ground up with quality in mind.  Trailers come standard in colors Red, Light and Dark Blue, Yellow, Green and White. Wrapped (as shown) is extra. Financing available.

Sno Biz Sno-Pro Trailer

(Available by special order)

6×10 FDDT

6×10 FDDT1X –  Extra Serving Window Rear

6×12 FDDT

6×12 FDDT1XR – Extra Serving Window Rear

6×14 SDDT2S  – Side Door 2 Serving Window

6×14 SDDT1X – Extra Rear Window

  • FD Front Door

  • SD Side Door
    o    DT Detachable Tongue
    o    1X Extra Serving Window  ( In Rear of Trailer )
    o    All 14 Foot Trailers are  6’8″ Inside Height Standard
    o    All 10 and 12 Foot Trailers are  6’4″ Inside Height
    o    14 Foot Trailers have 2 Brake Axles

Standard Features Include:

  • 13,500 BTU  A/C

  • Serving Window and Screens

  • Detachable Tongue

  • Bottle Racks

  • Tank Gauges (checks all tank levels which is required in some states)

  • Freezer (Only keeps ice frozen and holds 50 blocks of ice)

  • Deep Cycle Battery

  • 12 Volt Interior Lights

  • 12 Volt Water Pump

  • 3500 lb. 4-inch drop Easy Lube Dexter Axle

  • Stabilizers on Rear

  • Jack on Tongue w/Wheel

  • Smart Battery Charger Built in w/Automatic Operation

  • 40 Gallon Gray Waste Water Tank

  • 20 Gallon Fresh Water Tank

  • 3 Compartment Sink w/ Separate Hand Wash Sink

  • 2.5 Gallon Hot Water Heater Fast Recovery

  • Outside Serving Shelf

  • Metal Counter Tops

  • Cabinets and Storage

Optional Add On Items

  • Adjustable Cup Dispensers, $30.00 each

  • Personalized Graphics, $350.00

  • Awning Door Signs, $250.00 (plus graphics)

  • Additional Graphics, $18.00 (per square foot)

  • Chrome Wheels, $150.00 (per axle)

  • White Wheel & Tire, $150.00

  • Spare Tire & Rack, $195.00 (W/Cover)

  • Burglar Bars, $190.00

  • NSF Approved Freezer, CALL FOR PRICE

  • NSF Approved 3 Sink CALL FOR PRICE

  • Heavy Duty Tongue, $700.00 (14 ft. Trailers Only)

  • Electric Jack, $200.00 (14 ft. Trailers Only)

  • 9 Block Ice Maker for $4500 including 15 gallons of Glycol

  • 20 block ice maker for $6500 including 20 gallons of Glycol



Concession Trailers picked up at a location other than the factory in Alabama will have a destination charge added!

Prices subject to change at any time due to the rising cost of materials

You must add any options you want & shipping into the price above! (Shavers or food equipment NOT INCLUDED in price! )

Terms: Deposit is $500.00 down, 10 % down for NSF or special orders, to place a concession  trailer in production if we don’t have one to suit you in stock , balance due before shipping.

All Deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE. Concession trailer deals must be completed and picked up within 30 days of your trailer being finished or deposit will be lost.

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