Shaved Ice Enterprises Start-Up Packages

Our start-up packages are a great way to get your shave ice business up and running. No matter what kind of business you want to be, we have a package (or two!) for you! Scroll down to select the type of structure you will be selling out of to find the package that is most suitable for your needs. "Start-up" packages include just the essentials to get your business started and make your money back, "Success" packages include all the bells and whistles as well as additional product.

Pop-Up or Event Tent

If you are planning on using a tent and selling shaved ice at events, these packages are the best for you! You can choose to use a block shaver or a cube shaver, and to use your own tent or to get our commercial grade Sno Biz Event Tent!

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New or Used Trailer

If you choose to start your shaved ice business using a trailer, we have packages for that too! Packages differ based on whether the trailer used is new (purchased from Sno Biz) or used, the main differences being the amount of marketing material included.

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Brick & Mortar

Have you secured a building to start your shaved ice business in? These packages are the ones for you!

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Selling shaved ice out of a cart? That could be the best option if you're set up at a park or arena! Check out our packages here and our carts for sale here.


Existing Dessert Shop

Are you the owner of an existing dessert shop who would like to add dairy-free shaved ice to your menu? We have packages for that!

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Existing Restaurant

These packages are for restaurant owners looking to add a light and flavorful dessert to their menu!

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