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About Us

Our family has been involved in the shaved ice business since 1992.  Our introduction to shaved ice was stopping at a local shaved ice stand in Indiana, where we were completely amazed with the delectable fruit flavor offerings and the soft texture of the shaved ice. It melted in our mouths instead of having the gritty crunch of a snow cone.  And the flavors……so different from the artificial taste of a snow cone. These flavors were true-to-life and a step above anything we had tasted on ice before!

As a family full of entrepreneurial spirit, we were determined to work with something so fun and delicious.  Within 3 months, we were building shaved ice stands in several communities in Southern Indiana. After opening the stands and managing them for a few months, we would sell the stores to local entrepreneurs in those communities who found that shaved ice was just as much fun to make as it was to eat.


THAT is how we started up our shaved ice distribution business!

In 2012, we discovered Sno Biz- a family-run shaved ice flavor manufacturer based out of Minnesota.  We were impressed with the high quality flavoring that they make in-house. All Sno Biz flavor powders are made in small batches, so freshness is always ensured.  This FRESHNESS convinced us to distribute Sno Biz flavors across Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio. Shaved Ice Enterprises is the distributor for Sno Biz products in these three states.   

With years of experience, we have a proven track record of assisting business owners who want to add Sno Biz as an additional product line as well as helping NEW small business start-ups.  We look forward to helping you get YOUR Sno Biz shaved ice business started so that you can enjoy the fun and profits!

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